How to choose a proper double helical horizontal ribbon mixer

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At present, many users have chosen domestic original vertical cone mixer machine in terms of powder+powder mixing. But experts suggest that there are many shortcomings of the vertical cone mixer, namely repair rate is very high. So for powder/powder or granular materials mixing, we should choose horizontal type mixers, which has high mixing efficiency, mixing of good quality and discharging time is short, less residue. But we need to pay attention to the following instructions about the selection and use of horizontal type mixers:
1. Choose a horizontal type mixer according to the mixing production of your materials every day. For mixing machine can handle each batch of materials with about 10 minutes, plus feeding time, processing each batch of materials can cost 15 minutes. So horizontal type mixing machine can continuously processing 4 batches of materials in one hour. If you choose the mixing machine of 100 kg per batch at manufactured capacity, then horizontal mixing machine can deal 400 kilograms per hour. The user can choose the model of horizontal mixer machine according to their own needs, such as capacity, each powder proportion or liquid content.
2. According to the working principle of horizontal spiral ribbon type mixer, the double helix ribbon mixing ability to push the materials into the opposite direction should be consistent. In order to make the ability consistent to push the materials, screw pitch of inner spiral ribbon should be less than outer spiral ribbon, and width of inner spiral ribbon should be bigger than the outer spiral ribbon, otherwise the materials will concentrate in one direction. Therefore, when should pay attention to this points by choosing horizontal mixing machine.
3. According to the principle design of the double spiral ribbon mixer, the distance between the spiral ribbon and U shaped mixing barrel can be 4 mm to 10 mm, materials can be mixed with the friction to drive all materials to move. But due to the different particle size of materials and different friction coefficient, thus it can make the various components of the materials in different mixing time and then cause in homogeneity of the product. At present some manufacturers have been aware of this defect and have made improvement to the double helical ribbon mixer. One method is pay attention to the machining accuracy and reduce the bottom gap to about 3 mm; Another way is to make the position of the main spindle and body shell adjusted. According to the amount of wearing and tearing, you can often adjust the distance between the spiral ribbon and U shaped body shell. These two types of products should be the best choice in choosing a horizontal type mixing machine.
4. Pay attention to discharging mode in select horizontal double spiral ribbon mixer machine. You should timely communicate with suppliers to choose the right form of discharging valve suitable for your own technology and crafts, at the same time don’t pick out the form discharging from the side of the U shape mixing barrel. Here is the reason: when mixing machine complete the mixing work within the prescribed time and discharge at the shortest period of time, which guarantees the uniformity of the materials; If you use the discharging from the side of the U shape mixing barrel, first it is a waste of time, also can not meet the expected productivity, second the material is already at best evenness, excessive stirring will cause materials segregation, and then destroyed the uniformity, thus lost the meaning of choosing the horizontal mixer machine.
5. The user also should pay attention to the order of the feeding by using double spiral horizontal ribbon mixer machine. Generally speaking, first you should feed bulk materials, such as corn flour, soybean powder, and then small capacity of other materials in small group, such as premix. Attention will be given to feed premix feed, you’d better choose one-time charge, you can use tilting feeding or with artificial feeding, you cannot use screw feeding machine to hoist the materials. This can avoid the loss and segregation of effective components in the premix.
6. When using horizontal ribbon mixer machine, you should start the horizontal ribbon mixer machine first, then start feeding lot by lot gradually. When mixing work is finished, don’t stop the mixer machine until the materials fully discharge. If horizontal ribbon mixer machine is full load with materials, then restarting the mixing machine, it will give too much load on the motor and cause the motor destroyed.
In short, how to choose a suitable double helical horizontal ribbon mixer and use properly will significantly improve the quality of the mixture, and will soon reflect the positive effect in the process of production. If we can further grasp the mixing technology of self-configuration, we can make the material cost greatly reduced and thereby increase our profit.

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