Resin Reactor

Resin Reactor


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Manufacturer and Exporter of resin reactor, Limpet Coil Reaction Vessel, India

Our rich industry experience helps us to offer Resin reaction Kettle , Jacketed Reactor, Limpet coil reaction Vessel which is available in different capacities ranging from 0.1 KL to 25 KL. These are fabricated from high grade raw material including stainless steel (304, 316), MS, hastelloy, titanium and nickel, which is procured from renowned vendors. These high performing Reactors find wide application in chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the following features:


Reactor Machine Introduction:

epoxy resin reactor, epoxy resin production line. mainly including reactor, dilute kettle, condenser, oil-water seperator, vacuum pump, thermo oil furnance and other related parts.

Machine features:
Component: kettle (cylinder), kettle cover (dished heads), jacket or coils (heating, cooling), agitator (anchor type, paddle type, turbine type etc.) drive (motor reducer), seal device (mechanical seal), support (platform, leg), insulating material etc..
Accessories: according to customer needs to install the level meter, manhole, sight glass lamp, temperature sensor, pressure gauge, vacuum pump, discharge valve ect.
Distribution box: reactor motor start and stop, speed frequency control, temperature control devices and other electric devices in above accessories.
Material: all contacting part made by SS304 or SS316L, to ensure final products purity.
Capacity: we supply from lab to mass production, 50L~20000L available.
Motor: from well-known Chinese brand or Siemens or ABB as per clients’ request.
Reducer: from well-known Chinese brand
Heating provision: out-jacket or out-coil type, considering heating way & reactor capacity to recommend.
Cooling Provision: inner coil optional
Insulation: PU/Rock wool, optional, normally do the insulation after installation at user’s site.
Heat exchanger/condenser: SS304, SS316L as option, condenser areas is matched with reactor capacity.
Vertical column: SS304 or SS316L
Oil-water seperator: SS304 or SS316L, capacity is matched with reactor capacity.

Technical parameter of 5000L reactor and other capacities:

Inner Dia (mm)50080090012001400160018002100
Heat exchanger/condenser (m2)0.92.04610152030
Motor (kw)1.12.2345.57.51118.5
Speed (rpm)Fixed or frequency control
AgitatorAs per materials features to design
Working Pressure MpaAccording to client’s production process to design.
Working Temp-100C-300C
Heating/coolingSteam, hot oil, cool water, cool oil
Insulation materialPU/Rock wool
Nozzles/Openings can be customized as per process requirements.
MaterialSS304/SS316L/Q235 Or others
RemarkThe above information as reference. For details please contact with us.


Type of resin reactor

Type: Jacketed Reactor, Limpet Coil Reactor, Multipurpose Reactor with internal Coils.
Capacity : 20 Liters to 20,000 Liters In AISI SS 304, AISI SS 316, M.S, MOC, in Standard & CGMP Model Construction.
With M.S/ S.S jacketed & insulation with SS cladding.
Direct top mounted stirrer with top dish / without top dish.

type of Agitator stirrer

  • propeller type agitator
  • pedal Blade agitator
  • / anchor type agitator.

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