Single Shaft Disperser for water based coating.

Single Shaft High Speed Disperser

Hydraulic High Speed Disperser


Product Description
Single Shaft High Speed Disperser Hydraulic Lift Latex Paint High Speed Disperser for Paint, Ink, Pigment 

Single Shaft High Speed Disperser are adopting a compacted design which consists of lifting device, driving device, mixing device, pneumatic device etc. The motor has the function of CV lifting; The shaft rotation speed can be changed according to customers’ needs. The peripheral velocity will be 17m/s. The high speed of the mixing head makes the raw materials turn over and over so as to shear and mix the materials completely.
Abster series dispersers’ lifting devices are including pneumatic device and hydraulic device.

There are 5.5kW, 7.5kW, 11kW, 15kW, 18.5kW, 22kW, 30kW, 37kW, 45kW, 55kW, 75kW.

1. Reliable frequency=conversion speed control;
2. Hydraulic lifting and pneumatic lifting;
3.360degrees; Rotary positioning for convenient using.

1. HSD means ABSTER Disperser
2. “22”means the main motor power.
3. “Y” means Hydraulic lifting, “Q” means Pneumatic lifting;
4. “B” means flame-proof/explosion-proof design, and the ordinary explosion-proof is not marked.

Single Shaft High Speed Disperser Technical Specification

Motor Power1.5/2.2KW3/4KW5.5/7.5kw11/15kw15kw18.5/22kw
Rotation Speed of Shaft0-1650rpm0-1650rpm0-1650rpm0-1650rpm0-1650rpm0-1650rpm
Diameter of Dipersion Discφ150mmφ200mmφ250mmφ250mm-300mmφ250mm-300mmφ350mm-400mm
Lifting Height700mm700mm900mm900mm1100mm1100mm
Pump Power0.55kw0.55kw0.75kw0.75kw1.1kw1.1kw
Capacity of vessel50L200L400L500L800L1200L
Modulation Form                                                     FREQUENCY CONVERSION SPEED CHANGE
Working Conditions                                                                EXPLOSION-PROOF/ORDINARY

Company Information

  Abster Equipment welcome you

Abster Equipment is located in the Engineering hub of India. The company depending on its abundant technical strength and advanced equipment,has been a leading chemical machinery enterprise in Gujarat State of India.

Since the establishment of the company,it has devoted to research and development of industry equipment for coatings, paints, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, cosmetics, rubber, dyes, printing ink, leather auxiliaries, plastics, etc. Products of the company include reaction series, grinding series, diffusion series, emulsification series, kneading series, mixing series, filtration series and extrusion series, which can be categorized in to 8 series and more than 80 varieties, being popular around India and exported to a various countries.
Single Shaft High Speed Disperser

Single Shaft High Speed Disperser
Packaging & Shipping

Standard wooden cases or shipping


Q: Do you have Single Shaft High Speed Disperser machines in stock?

A: Yes, but just the small-scale machines. Machines are different with other products, most of the large-scale machines are designed according to our customers’ requirements, different customers have different production requirements, so the technical parameter is different for most machines. On the other hands, most of the our machines will cover a large area, so once the machines are finished, we will effect shipment after QC.

Q: Can you send the detailed drawings of the machine to us before we place order?

 A: We can send you a draft drawing of the machines, and after you place order and pay the deposit, our engineer will design the specific technical parameters for you and send you the detailed drawings. Once you confirm without questions, we will put it into production.

Q: Can we pay the balance after we receive the machines and test without problems?

A: It’s unnecessary to worry about the quality of our machines, we are confident in that. After the machine is finished, we can install and test the machine for you (if you can not come to our factory, we can record a video and send to you). Only after you check without problems, we will effect shipment.


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